Curriculum structure

We have made some exciting changes to our curriculum..

These changes have occurred after extensive consultation with the Ministry, parents, community, staff and most importantly students. Staff have been in “think tank sessions” for the last two terms and are now looking forward to the changes that have been made.

The reasons for the changes have been to continue to improve our academic successes,

offer a range of pathways and consultations for all of our students, work outside of subjects one day a week to enable students to have new learning experiences in a variety of areas.

Students will work with a mentor once a week for one period.

They will have two mentors for each year group and will explore pathway options, setting academic and personal goals and then evaluating their progress. These will also form part of our new look parents evenings. We want our students to be prepared for the world of work or further academic studies through taking informed choices. Working individually with each student will be a priority.

Students in Years 7 and 8 will be assigned a classroom for the majority of the core subjects and specialist teachers will come to them to teach each subject. They will move out of these rooms for Technologies and Arts, PE and Science where specialist rooms will be needed for their studies.

All students will be assigned to a Vertical form for registration time. Shorter assemblies will be twice a week just before lunch time with the opportunity for classes to participate and run these assemblies and on the other two days the lunch hours will be longer for more sporting and game time. Senior prefects will run various activities. All students will choose an activity on Tuesday for a term. They can then choose another learning opportunity or stay with the same choice.

We know our new curriculum structure allows students to look at a variety of pathways for their future and then they can set targets so they reach their goals.

We believe students will be more engaged and therefore our academic results will continue to improve. This new structure allows us to live our vision.

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